November 2020 Goals


So I'm back with another monthly goals post, I haven't done one since September so I'm really keen to achieve this month. I decided to take October as a month to really focus on myself, do some journaling, which I have written a blog post about, and work on improving my mood. 

Long story short, my mood still hasn't improved a great deal. I'm trying everything I possibly can, from eating better, to sleeping for 8-10 hours a night (rather than 15 hours), exercising, meditating and I'm still getting nowhere. I don't like to complain and what not, but it's really starting to get me down that I can't seem to shift this low mood. Depression sucks. 

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Anyway, I'm setting myself some goals for the month of November and even though there's going to be a lot more restrictions on what I can and can't do this month what with lockdown and everything coming into place on the 5th November, I'm still going to try and make the most of it. 

So, here's my goals for this month:

Read 2 books:

- I still haven't finished my Summer reading list, but those books don't really appeal to me anymore, I think I've spent too long looking at them on the bookshelf, so I'm going to treat myself to new books soon. 

Post a poem a week to my Instagram account:

- I started off with loads of ideas for poetry for my Instagram account, bethjpoetry, but the inspiration has almost completely gone. I did think of a poem I was quite proud of when I was going to sleep the other day, but I didn't write it down and had forgotten it by the morning. I'm hopeful that this month will bring with it lots of inspiration though. 

Read 250,000 all time page views:

- I was so close to reaching this in October, but I'm pretty sure I'll reach it this month. The thought that my blog has been viewed/clicked on almost 250,000 times is pretty cool and motivates me to keep going. Who knows, in a few years it might be on 500,000. 

Publish 4 blog posts:

- I'm slowly easing myself back into the world of blogging and rather than pressure myself to post twice a week like I used to, I'm just going to set a goal of publishing four blog posts, if and when I feel like it.

So those are my goals for November, there's not many of them and they're all very much achievable. 

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  1. I started reading during lockdown and honestly, it was so good for my mental health!

    1. I definitely need to read more as I find it good for my mental health too when I do read


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