How I'm planning on spending Lockdown 2


 So, we're back in another lockdown, I know it's only four weeks, but I'm also changing my antidepressant medication as well so I'm already preparing myself for a difficult few weeks in general. 

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Despite preparing myself for the worst, I'm also setting about my intentions to make this lockdown both a productive one in terms of my blog and a chance for me to really build on the work I've been putting into improving my mental health this year. I'm optimistic that these antidepressants are going to work, but I'm also prepared for a few side effects. 

I spent the first lockdown playing the sims 4 and re-watching Buffy & Angel, it was a good couple of months in all honesty, mostly because I didn't have to face my anxiety, but I feel as though, this time round, I should really get stuff that I want to do done while keeping on top of challenging my anxieties. 

This year has really sent me back in terms of my mental health, being told to stay at home, while it reassures me that I don't have to go out unless it's essential, it has made my anxiety about being out and about a lot worse. 

Anyway, I'm going to be spending my lockdown really focusing on myself. I'm going to be doing lots of self-care and trying to build my day up a bit more. Recently, I've finally started waking up earlier (like 9am) so it's important for me to build a bit of structure into my day as life can get pretty boring without a routine to follow, especially now we're in another lockdown and there's no cafes or shops to spend time in. 

However, I'm planning on using these next four weeks to introduce and adopt healthier living habits; like staying hydrated, eating enough, exercising and all the boring stuff that are actually foundations for better mental wellbeing. As well as this, I'm hoping to put more effort into my blog and side projects and really get stuff done.

I'm also planning on decluttering and tidying where I live and making it a nice space to live in. I'm currently working on decluttering my desk area so I can use it more and then I'm going to be sorting out my bedroom. 

So, all in all, I'm hoping to distract myself and keep myself busy this month to take my mind off my depression and the impact that another lockdown could have on that and hopefully in a few months, we'll all be slowly getting back to normal and I'll be in a position to work on my anxiety again. 

It's definitely been a comfort zone year for me and I can only hope, even though part of me just wants to stay forever in my comfort zone, that next year will be a bit more normal and I'll be able to break past my comfort zone and actually start living again. 

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  1. Great post! I just wanted to let you know that I really love your blog, so I've nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award! It's a great way to share the love, so have a look at how it works and my Q&A here:
    Thanks for all the great content you're putting out there! xx

  2. Great post! I feel you on playing the Sims 4- having unlimited time makes playing the game so much better!


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