Eylure Limited Edition Bloomin' Lovely Lashes Review


 So seeing as my last lash review is one of my most popular posts, I thought I'd review another pair of lashes on here. It's been so long since I last did a beauty related post, so I'm looking forward to posting this one. 

I purchased these from Asda the other week for about £7, but I've since seen them online for about £4. Which is a shame, but I'm still happy with my purchase anyway. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about these lashes today because I have a thing for false lashes at the moment and I'm really enjoying the array of products you can find. Eylure is still my go-to brand though, as it was last year too. But I'm open to trying out other brands too. 

What drew me to this set of lashes was the fact that it's limited edition, they looked like the perfect natural lash to wear on an average day when you want to feel a bit more glam just for the sake of it. The packaging is super cute, and it comes with lash glue, which does the job just fine. 

Personally, I don't like lashes that are very one-side heavy, so that they fan out in the outer corner, I'm just not really a fan of them, I have quite narrow eyes so having an even lash really helps my eyes look open and awake, but what I like about these lashes is they're quite subtle at doing this. They look very dramatic in the tray, but once they're on, they're beautifully subtle.

I definitely prefer Eylure's 101 lashes for everyday use, but once in a while I think I'll be reaching for these just as a welcome change. 

 As for wear, I haven't yet tested these out and about, but if they're anything like Eylure's other lashes, they'll be fine for the day. I'll update this post after I've worn them out and let you know how long they last.

So, what do you think of these lashes? I absolutely love them. 
That's all for this post,

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