7 Ways To Create An Ideal Office Space


I've been really into organising my home lately and making each space usable and functional and I wanted to share with you guys how I'm going about creating an ideal office area.

You see, working from home is the complete dream for me, having the freedom to pick and choose your own hours while working in your pyjamas with an endless supply of coffee and snacks, in my mind, is literal goals. So, today I thought I'd share my tips for creating an ideal office area. 

I'm currently working on creating an ideal office area, rather than just sitting on my bed with my laptop and countless pieces of paper strewn all over my bedroom floor. At the moment, I'm working on decluttering and sorting out my desk area in the corner of my living room as I don't have a separate office space. 

desk with computer and plants
Photo by Slava Keyzman on Unsplash

Anyway, here's my 7 ways to create an ideal office space:

1) Minimise Distractions:

It can be hard if you don't have a separate home office room to minimise distractions as in my case, I'm always going to have the TV in close proximity to my working area, but by minimising distractions you ensure you can really get stuff done. If you can work with distractions around you, like I personally prefer to have the TV on otherwise it's too quiet, then great, but if not make sure your TV's off and any distractions are few and far between.

2) Keep it clean:

One of the main reasons why I haven't been using my desk area is because it's untidy. I've purchased pens and notebooks and just chucked them on top of the desk and my sewing shelf near it is very messy as well. Keeping your desk area clean and tidy ensures you can actually sit down and use it.

3) Keep it organised:

Having your desk area organised is a practical way to ensure you can use your desk area. Keeping all your files in one place, your pens in another and having boxes for various things just enables you to be able to work efficiently. 

4) Invest in a comfy chair:

This is something I really need to do, but investing in a comfy chair that you can bear to sit on for a few hours, one that isn't going to make your back ache or something is a really practical way to ensure you're able to use your office area.

5) Add some plants:

Plants can help boost productivity and improve air quality - and they just look nice. 

6) Have tools for brainstorming/vision boards:

You ever get an idea, or many ideas, you just need to get down on paper?  Keep things like pin boards and a3 paper to one side for when inspiration strikes and you'll thank yourself later. 

7) Personalise your desk space:

Adding personal touches can really make the space feel like yours, whether that's art prints or quotes or just the colour scheme of your desk area, personalising your office area will actually make you want to use it.

So those are my tips for creating an ideal office space. I think mindset is everything and having somewhere where you actually want to sit down and do hobby or work-related things is so important in achieving this mindset. 

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  1. Lovely tips! I currently live with family so my only option of having any sort of “office space” is my bed in my bedroom but when I move out next spring I’m definitely planning on setting up my own little office space and these are great ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. My mom recently bought me a study desk and I cant wait to put some plants and boards on it. I believe it will make my working environment much convenient for me. These are all great tips to consider! Thanks for these! �� xx


  3. And for me....have a million post it notes and somewhere to stick them. LOL. These are good suggestions, thanks.

  4. As someone who has been working from for a few years now, I can't stress the importance of investing in your chair enough! I struggled with back pain in the beginning from a chair that didn't give me the right amount of support. Since making the switch, I am FAR more comfortable working for an extended period of time when necessary.

  5. This is exactly what I was looking for....Thank you for sharing this post :)


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