Poetry: An Update


 So I thought I'd write this post just to update you guys as to what's going on with my poetry at the moment. I mentioned in my thoughts on turning 23 blog post a few weeks ago that I was considering setting up an Instagram account specifically for my poetry...and well, I've done just that.

Photo by Bookblock on Unsplash

I decided to move from posting my poems onto my blog to a dedicated Instagram account for a variety of reasons. The first reason being that presenting them looks a lot better on Instagram than it did on my blog. I can really play about with the look of them on Canva and I'm having a lot of fun creating different Instagram posts playing about with the presentation of my poems. 

Another reason being that it'll be much easier to tell a story with my poems by having them all in one place. When I was posting my poetry to my blog, it meant that my readers would have to find the poems amongst all my other blog posts and it was just getting a bit messy. I want my blog to be mainly lifestyle and wellbeing focused and posting my poetry on here was swaying away from that a bit too much for my liking. By posting my poems onto Instagram, I can tell a story from one poem to the next and make sure they're all cohesive and flow nicely from one to the other. I'm still getting the hang of this, but in future, I hope my poetry Instagram will be nice and cohesive.

I know it's going to be a bit difficult posting my longer poems onto Instagram and I'll probably have to create several different photos for my poems and make sure my readers are able to scroll across to read a full poem, but a lot of my poetry is very short, like a couple of lines, and it seemed like a waste of a blog post just to post two lines, hence why I'm doing it this way. 

I know in the past I've had a separate blog for my poetry, but in order to promote it I'd have had to create a separate twitter account and managing two twitter accounts isn't something I want to do, so it made sense to just create an Instagram account. 

Anyway, over on my poetry Instagram I hope to explore themes relating to friendship, love, heartbreak and mental illness. I've got a whole backlog of poems that I could post, but I'm still figuring out which ones read well and which ones are best kept to myself. But, if you're interested in following me on my poetry journey, my username is bethjpoetry and I post several times a week. 

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