August 2020 Goals


I can't believe we're in August already, this year both seems to be flying by and dragging on at the same time, how is that possible? So I'm back with another goals post today, these seem to be fairly popular so I'll keep doing them for the time being, they also help keep me on track each month which is good.  
I met most of my goals for July, you can take a look at them here, I won't go into detail about them in this post because I feel that's a bit boring, but you know, we'll just get onto this month's goals and see where it goes from there.

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Reach 225,000 total pageviews:

I've only got about 7500 to go towards this goal, so let's hope it's a good month and I reach this goal. My goal for this year is to reach 250,000 pageviews and at the moment I'm on track for that. 

Reach 50k monthly unique viewers on Pinterest:

It's hard to know how to track your pinterest growth, should you do it by how many followers you have or how many unique viewers you have. My followers have stayed the same for the past few months but my monthly unique viewers tends to fluctuate a lot. I'm looking to grow my Pinterest account though and hopefully get some click-thru traffic from it so I'm hoping to get 50k monthly unique viewers this month on my Pinterest and maybe some of those people will click through to my blog and give it a read.

Read two books:

I only read half a book in July as I've had my mind on other things, but I'm aiming to finish my summer 2020 reading list by the end of September and in order to do so I've got to read two books in August, so here's hoping I do that. 

Have a huge declutter & clean:

They say your home is a reflection of your inner-mind and what's going in there. A cluttered space means a cluttered mind and I really need to get round to tidying up. It's not looking too bad at the moment, I have cleaned it on a surface-level, but it needs a deep declutter so that's one of my goals for August. 

Post 3 poems to my blog:

I haven't posted any poetry to my blog in July, mainly because they're all following a similar sort of theme and I don't want to just go on about the same thing constantly so I'm kinda waiting for other inspiration to come to me so I can post about something a bit different. 

Blog twice a week:

Pretty much my goal for every month is to aim to post twice a week, I've successfully managed it in July, which is great, so hopefully I can keep it up in August. 

So those are my goals for August, what are you hoping to achieve this month?

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