Shadow | Poetry


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I'm so used to being watered-down, 
A mirror-image of this small town, 
And in my unexpressed feelings, I could drown, 
I fear my shadow will disown me, 
If I carry on down this lonely path, 
But I'm still dealing with the aftermath, 
Of my chaotic youth,
And the fallout of all the things
That used to make me feel so whole.

I don't really know what to say about this poem, I think it's pretty self explanatory but I hope you liked it. I could go in depth about the emotions and stuff behind this but I'm really not in the mood to get too deep on here, so it is what it is. 

A little update as to how the poetry writing is going at the moment. It's going pretty well. I've written about six or seven poems in the past few weeks, I'm just going through and tweaking them at the moment. They're very personal pieces, as with all my poetry, so it feels like I'm leaving myself a bit vulnerable by posting them but I'm trying to work through that because there's a couple of them that I'm really quite pleased with. They've turned out okay. I hit in inspiration slump about a month ago, but with Taylor Swift releasing her latest album it's just sparked off the inspiration again and I'm writing loads at the moment. 

So, expect more poetry in the coming weeks. One of my goals for August is to post three poems to my blog and I'm really going to try and reach that goal. 

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