Paving Your Own Path In Life


Paving your own path in life can be scary. The ground hasn't been trodden, the route is unclear and it can leave you feeling confused and anxious at times. However, there is so much fulfilment to be found in paving your own path in life and today I'm going to be talking a bit about why you should be paving your own path in life; however that looks to you. 

Chasing after your dreams can bring you so much joy in both the journey and the success of achieving your dreams, but it doesn't come easy. Sure, it might do for some, but for most people there will be hurdles and obstacles to overcome along the way and it's important to not lose sight of your dream when you're working towards it. 

Setting goals can be a huge helper in this as well as celebrating the small successes, I'll be doing a post all about celebrating the small successes soon. After all, each step you take is another step closer towards your dream and although paving your own path in life can seem scary, it really is the way to go. Goals can help you to manage your time more effectively as well as breaking down big tasks into smaller, more manageable ones. 

Your own path is, of course, unique and entirely individual to you. Whether that's working in an office 9-5 or hustling from home, your dreams are your dreams and I wanted to tell you today that they are valid and you should go for it. 

It's never too late in life either to start chasing your dreams either, besides it's not often that people leave school knowing exactly what they want to do with their lives and knowing their purpose in life, is it? It usually takes some time before we get to know ourselves better before we realise our true purpose and what our goals and dreams in life are. Trust this process. It's just a natural part of life. 

Which leads me onto my next point, don't compare your beginning to someone elses middle - don't compare your journey to anybody elses. Your journey has it's own starting point, whether that's today after reading this post, or whether you're already well on your way to achieving your goals and ambitions in life and your journey is completely unique to you: it will have it's own setbacks and limitations, it's own obstacles and it's own small successes. So keep that in mind. 

Why not try to write down what your dream life would be? The first step is to recognise that that is what your dream life looks like and then you can get started with paving your own path to success. 

As I mentioned in my recent post, 7 things that could be preventing your personal growth, the main thing that will hold you back is fear. So, my advice to you, is feel the fear and do it anyway. Whether that's setting up your own website or creating a CV. Even if you're scared of failing, and if you are you could try reading my letting go of the fear of failure post for some advice, you'll never know and you'll never be closer to your dreams if you don't start working towards them in the first place. So, give it your best shot, you might surprise yourself.

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