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Today I thought I'd share with you my plans for Quirks and Queries. In my recent life lately post I mentioned how uninspired I've been feeling recently and how I needed to take a short break to reevaluate whether or not I wanted to blog anymore.

Well, I've had a think, and blogging is definitely still something I want to do. I've just got to change things up a bit to make blogging seem new and interesting again, I also want my blog to look more professional and so today I thought I'd share you with my blogging plans.

Utilise Pinterest more:

Pinterest is such a good platform for blog traffic, I've seen so many other bloggers getting good results from it, but at the moment I don't really use the platform very often. I think I need to start putting some effort into designing my pins and promoting my blog through Pinterest and see for myself how good it can be for increasing blog traffic.

Improve blog photography:

I quite like just doing simple flatlays at the moment for photos for blog posts, but I think I need to vary things up a bit and be more creative with my blog photography. 

Create digital products:

This is something I've been wanting to do for a little while and now that I've figured out how to create an e-book, there's nothing really stopping me from creating what I want to create. Who knows, in a few years I may have a couple of e-books out into the world. It's something I want to work on and keep working on though before I think about actually creating one, I want to make sure what I create is something I can feel proud of.

Vary up my content:

I'd love to talk more about different topics on here; travel, fashion and recipes are just a few topics I'd like to talk more about and I think I need to start doing this. For a long time my blog has mostly been lifestyle and life advice posts, which is great and something I enjoy writing about, but recently I've been getting bored of doing the same thing, so I'm planning on varying up my content on here a bit more. 

So those are my blogging plans, I haven't given myself a time frame for these as it's more of a general plan rather than specific goals to meet.

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  1. I've rediscovered my love for Pinterest recently, both personally and as a means of improving blog traffic. I find it's so much fun!

    Jemima x


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