July 2020 Goals


I can't believe we're in July already when my mind is still stuck in March. Today I thought I'd take a look back at the goals I set myself in June and see if I achieved them, as well as set myself a few goals for the month of July.

I had contemplated whether or not to continue with these goals type posts, or whether to just make a tweet about my goals for the month, but these sorts of posts seem to do well and it seems like you guys want to read them, so I'll keep going with them. I guess it's also good for me to set myself small goals each month because then at the end of the month I feel as though I've achieved something. 

Anyway, my goals for June were:

Reach 210,000 pageviews on my blog:

I achieved this goal as I'm now on 211,000 all time pageviews, so things are going pretty well. 

Read 2 books:

I managed to read two books in June, one of them was The Truths and Triumphs Of Grace Atherton, the other was Normal People. I enjoyed both books so it was definitely worth setting aside time to read. 

Post twice a week to my blog:

I was near enough to this goal, sometimes I'd miss a day, but that only happened once or twice, so all in all I've done pretty well at sticking to this goal.

Post poetry to Instagram:

I do share when I post a poem on my blog to my instagram stories, but I sort of prefer having them on my blog as opposed to my Instagram grid, I don't know why it's just more appealing to me to be able to see how many people have viewed a poem, so I think I'll stick to just posting them on my blog.

Take blog photos in bulk:

Yeah, I didn't do this and I need to start doing it as there's been a couple of times where I've wanted to post a blog post but I've had no photos for them.

So onto my goals for July:

Post 3 poems to my blog.
Blog twice a week.
Promote my blog on social media everyday.
Read 2 books.
Declutter my bedroom.
Reach 1200 Instagram Followers.
Take blog photos in bulk. 

That's it for today's post, 
Until next time,

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