3 Shows To Add To Your Watchlist


So far this year I've been watching a lot more TV shows, mostly on Amazon. I think it's partially because we've been in lockdown, but also because I'm learning to relax a bit more. I used to spend countless hours in the evening drafting up blog posts, but now I've got better at organising my time and I always set aside time to just chill and do nothing. I was originally just going to do a round-up post at the end of the year, and I'll probably still do that, but for now, here's 3 shows you need to add to your watchlist.


I wasn't sure I'd like Firefly at first as I'm not usually into space-y things, but it was pretty enjoyable to watch. There's only one season though, so if you end up not liking it for whatever reason, you haven't wasted too much of your time. I'd definitely recommend this if you like a bit of space and a bit of drama. You can find Firefly on Amazon video.


Probably my favourite thing I've watched this year is Dollhouse, which is about this house place that has the technology to wipe someone's personality and replace them with another. It definitely made for an interesting watch, even if at times during the show's two seasons, story lines felt a bit rushed, I still really enjoyed watching this and I'd definitely recommend it. You can buy Dollhouse on Amazon video.

The 100:

This show took a few episodes to get going with the story, but now it has and I'm here for it. It's about a spaceship that sends 100 prisoners down to earth many years after a nuclear apocalypse to see if it's survivable and despite it, at times, feeling a bit too teen-drama for me, I'm still enjoying watching it. You can find the 100 on Amazon video. 

So, those are my three shows to add to your watchlist, they may not be everyone's cup of tea but I enjoyed them and I recommend them. 

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  1. I love the 100.....
    Good post 😇

  2. I haven't seen any of these but thanks for the recommendations - The 100 sounds intriguing!


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