Empty Streets | Poetry


Image from Pexels.
Although these empty streets,
Still call your name,
There's an echo of hope,
In the way the rain falls,
Dousing the flames,
That once burnt for you,
It seems, Spring brought with it,
More forgiving skies,
And I may not be good at goodbyes,
But tonight, I might,
Close this never-ending chapter
And set my soul on fire.

I wrote this one a little while ago, but seeing as it's been raining a lot lately I thought I'd post it. I know it's not perfect, but oh well. It's one of those poems where I just want to keep writing more and more but I suppose I best leave it as it is. Hope you enjoyed it. I hope to be doing drawings and stuff alongside my poems in the near future, it's something I'm currently working on. I also need to get out into the world to take photographs to accompany my poems, rather than relying on pexels for everything. In the mean time, here's 'Empty Streets'.

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