December | Poetry


Image from Pexels.

How did I get here? 
Surrounded by nothing but fear,
Everything I once held so dear,
Is drifting away from me,
A message in a bottle, lost at sea.
It seems I can't hold on,
To what is gone,
And no matter how hard I try,
To keep it all together,
I still remember that December,
Moments in my mind, redefined,
And then lost forever...

This was one of those poems where I just kinda let my mind wonder a bit, but I quite like it. I was going to share a poem that was a bit more light hearted about watching the waves through the cracks in the pier floor and what not, but I felt it wasn't up to scratch and so I posted this one instead. It feels a bit strange posting a poem called 'December' in the middle of Summer, but we're just gonna roll with it. Anyway, hope you liked it. 

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