Dead Plants | Poetry


Image from Pexels.

I am covered
In the soot
Of this dying flame
I wear it in my hair
Between my teeth
It's there in the eyes
Of people I'm yet to meet
This notion
That you were here
And my devotion
To watering dead plants
Even though the garden
Rests in ashes.

So I was going to post a 'life lately' post today, but I haven't got round to taking blog photos, so I decided to post this poem instead. Hope you enjoyed it. I know my poetry isn't the best and I'll probably look at this in five years time and think it's awful, but for now I'm just testing the waters with poetry and trying things out. I'm not too sure about the title of this one, nor am I too sure on how well it reads, but I guess the only way to find out is by posting it on here and hoping for the best. 

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