Brushworks HD Precision Eye and Brow Brush Set Review


These brushes look so lovely.

I've been needing to buy new make up brushes for quite a while and so when I stumbled upon these beauties on beautybay I just had to buy them.

What drew me to these brushes was the design, I love the metallic colour of them and to be honest I was living for them when I first saw them. Priced at £20.95 for the eye & brow set, they were a bit more pricey than what I'd usually spend, but I wanted to treat myself and treat myself I did.

This brush set also came with a little case.
Upon using these brushes I noticed the quality was definitely there, they felt so soft and did the job of applying eyeshadow perfectly. Sure, they're nothing ground-breaking, but compared to the brushes I'd been using previously, they were a definite upgrade. 

The pack contains five brushes: an eye shading brush, an eye shadow blending brush, an angled liner brush, a pencil brush and a smudge brush. So far I think I've got most of the use out of the chunkier two brushes, but as a set they work really well together for a complete eye look.

These brushes are also vegan and cruelty-free, which is really good. 

That's all for today's review.

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