How Using Social Media Less Has Affected My Mental Health


Last year I made a post called 'Stepping Away From Social Media' where I explained how using social media less for two months had made me feel happier and overall more content with my life. I suppose you could consider today's post a continuation of September 2019's blog post on the same topic.

We're all probably aware the impact social media, in particular Instagram, can have on our mental health. We fall into the trap of comparing our lives to other people's highlights and comparison really can be the thief of joy. 

After September's blog post, I decided to continue even further with my social media detox to see how this affected my mental health. A few years ago I wouldn't of even considered using social media less as I was posting pretty much everyday, constantly looking for that validation in likes from other people.

Nowadays, I'm using social media in a much more healthy way and I'm not letting it take control of my life so much. It's easy to fall into the habit of scrolling through social media several times a day, of spending long afternoons looking into other people's lives.

Over the past six months or so, I've rarely been posting to my Instagram page, I still keep up to date with scheduling blog related tweets for my twitter, but that's about it and the impact it's had on my mental health has been great.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I no longer feel as though I'm living life constantly comparing it to other people's. I no longer feel as though I'm looking through a filter, or looking for a filter for a photo. I feel much more free now and I feel as though my life is my own and I'm not constantly having people looking into my life because I'm not trying to show my life off as much. I hope that makes sense. 

I'm not knocking anyone for using social media lots, you do you, but for me it's really marked a turning point into how I lead my life and how I feel about my life. 

My attitude to social media has completely changed too, rather than seeing it as a way to compare my life to other people's, I'm seeing it as a tool for my blog and as a way of keeping in touch with people. It's a much more healthy way of viewing it and I'm glad I took a break from it in order to change my viewpoint.

So yeah, I'd say that using social media less has affected my mental health in a positive way and for anyone who was like me, using social media constantly and seemingly never off their phone, I'd recommend trying it out, even just for a few weeks, and seeing for yourself the positive impact it can have on your mental health. 

P.S I'm not sure whether it was 'Affect' or 'Effect' I should be using, so apologies if I've used the wrong word at any point. In fact, I'm highly certain I've used the wrong word several times, but oh well. 

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