NYX Bare With Me Hemp Radiant Perfecting Primer Review


So I'm back with another review today. About six weeks ago I thought I'd treat myself to a new, slightly more expensive primer, the NYX Bare With Me primer, and I thought I'd let you know my thoughts on it...

Recently, I've been testing whether hemp/CBD in skincare is actually worth the hype and you could consider this post as bit of a follow on to my Revolution Skincare Review.

The primer comes in very simplistic packaging, which I've got to say I'm sort of a fan of...

To start with, I just want to say I have high expectations for a primer that costs £12. Usually, I'd only spend about £6 on a primer, up until this point I'd been using one by Barry M, I know £12 isn't too expensive, but it is in my opinion considering this primer only lasted me about a month of daily use and I was kinda hoping to get at least two months use out of it. Oh well. Onto the product review.

The primer is an orange colour.

The first thing I noticed about the product was it's colour, but considering I've been using a green colour correcting one for the past few years, I wasn't a stranger to strange colours. The NYX Bare With Me primer went onto my skin really well and left my skin glowing.

I'm still quite new to primers, having only really stuck to one over the past few years, but I'd definitely say this one definitely smoothed out my skin and left it glowing and ready for make-up. 

The next thing I noticed about the product was it's fragrance and I was a bit concerned as to what condition this would leave my skin in. After about a month of using it though, I've noticed no dry patches of skin or any other negative effects of using it. I should also add, the product smells really nice. I don't know about you, but I love the smell of make-up and skincare stuff.

Overall, I'd say this product was well worth the £12 price tag as I just loved the finish it gave. I'm not sure if I'd say the hemp was soothing to the skin or not, which is what it claims to do, but I'd definitely say my skin felt hydrated after using it and I'd recommend this primer as an important part of your make-up routine. 

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