26 Ways To Spend Your Time At Home


So it's safe to say boredom is going to kick in over the next few weeks. I want my blog to be a positive space so that's the closest I'm going to get to mentioning the current world events on here. I'm usually quite good at keeping myself entertained, but now we're being told to stay in it seems a bit harder to find activities to keep my mind occupied, so I thought today I'd list off some ideas both as a reminder for myself and for any of you that may be struggling on how to spend your time.

One thing I wanted to say, as a quick side note, is really check in on your mental health at this time. It's going to be hard on all of us, but use this time to really check in on how you're doing and what not.

Anyway, back to the post. Here are 26 ways you can spend your time at home.

1) Find a new hobby.

2) Read a book.

3) Finish that project you've been putting off.

4) Face time a friend or family member.

5) Practise self-care.

6) Listen/Watch old Youtube Music Videos

7) Watch your favourite movie.

8) Binge watch a series on netflix or amazon prime or NowTV.

9) Get creative with cooking and baking.

10) Cook your favourite meal.

11) Go for a walk.

12) Do some crafts.

13) Paint.

14) Learn a language.

15) Do a home work out.

16) Write some poetry.

17) Create a positive playlist on Spotify.

18) Have a spring clean.

19) Start Journalling.

20) Learn to play a musical instrument.

21) Relax.

22) Complete a video game.

23) Organise your wardrobe. (Arrange it by colour, seasons etc.)

24) Organise your kitchen cupboards.

25) Have a declutter.

26) Spend some time in the garden.

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  1. I've spent a lot of time in the garden recently! I'm not very green usually but being stuck at home has turned it into a bit of a new hobby. I'm hoping to get some veggies and herbs growing soon too. Danielle || https://www.missdanielle.com

  2. Organizing and decluttering has been my jam lately! I've always loved organizing anything and everything but with not having to be anywhere, there's just so much more time to do stuff! Great post!


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