Life Lately


So this is my first life lately post of this year, and I'm going to be trying to do these a little more regularly as it's just a good chance for me to check-in on myself and see how I'm doing as well as sharing my thoughts on how my life is going with you guys.

Life lately has been okay, and I guess that's all there is to say about it. It's not been overly exciting, but it's not been too bad. My mood is a lot better than it has been and I'm finally beginning to tackle my anxieties head on. 

I haven't been out with my camera as much as I'd like, but I'm hoping to change this now that the days are getting longer. 

My writing is going good, I'm trying to post more regularly onto my dedicated writing blog, just sharing my thoughts and poetry with you guys as it happens, and I'm feeling quite inspired lately. 

I've decided when it comes to my blog I'm going to be focusing more on quality content rather than quantity. I've done really well at posting at least twice a week over the past few months, but there's only so long I can keep doing that for before the content begins to drop in quality so I've taken the decision to reduce my posting schedule down to maybe once a week or once every two weeks. 

I'm finding things in my life are moving in a positive direction now that I've taken on a proactive attitude when it comes to doing things I want to do. For too long now, I've lived in my comfort zone and that can be very self-limiting, so I'm pushing the boundaries of my comfort zone lately and I'm noticing it's having a positive effect on my mood so that's good. 

Anyway, that's all for this post, I don't know when I'll be posting next as I'm almost out of ideas and the ideas I do have I haven't developed enough into a quality blog post so yeah, I don't know when I'll be posting next as I'm really trying to focus on bringing quality content to my blog so in the mean time, be sure to check out my second blog full of poetry and what not.

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