W7 24K Primer Review


So today I'm testing out a w7 primer. For those who've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know that five years ago back when I was just starting out in the blogger world I was gifted some products from W7 to review and just last year I reviewed one of their eyeshadow palettes, which I was pleasantly surprised with.

W7 can be a bit hit and miss, I've tried their foundation and I didn't like it. I didn't really like their mascara either, but I've been impressed with the two eyeshadow palettes I've bought and so today I thought I'd give their primer a go and let you know my thoughts on it.

Now, the primer claims to be infused with oils and gold flakes. I seem to be liking things with gold flakes in lately, like the Jolie Beauty UniGlow Bright Eyes Serum for example. For £3.99 from B&M it seems like a steal, but does it have any credibility to it? Read on to find out.

First impressions of the primer is that it smells kinda like paint, its not too overpowering of a smell but it's still a bit unpleasant. The pipette applicator isn't the best I think a pump would work better, but hey ho.

I used the primer before applying my foundation and I liked the feel of the product. It definitely felt oily, which is half good for me considering I have combination skin, both oily and dry, and so I was apprehensive that it would make the oily areas look greasy. I needn't have been though as it didn't.

One thing I'm curious about is how it reacts with my skin, a lot of products that I'm using at the moment have a drying effect on my skin causing it to flake and so I'm hoping the oilyness of this primer will help breathe a little more life into my skin. I'll update this post after a month or so of using it to let you know how I get on with it in the long-term.

For £3.99, it's a good primer. It's not amazing like I'm not really wowed by it, but it does the job just fine and creates an dewy base ready for me to attack with my thick, matte foundation that's been drying my skin out for the past month or so and now I mention it I really need to change foundation.

You can also use this without layering makeup over the top, just to add an illuminating glow to your skin I don't know whether I'd want to as without foundation on top it might end up looking greasy.

So overall, I'm relatively impressed what £3.99 in B&M can get you. This primer may've replaced my usual Barry M one just because its cheaper, and I like value for money and it does the job just fine.

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