8 Goals for 2020


It's the start of a new decade, I can't believe we're finished with the 2010s when 2010 only feels like yesterday (sometimes anyway, other times it feels like lifetimes ago). Instead of doing my monthly goals, as I'm getting a bit bored of sharing that and I'm sure you guys are bored of reading them too, I thought I'd just compile a list of goals I'm hoping to achieve this year.

Reach 250000 page views:

This is quite an ambitious target considering I'm on 160000 right now, but I think I can do it (so long as you guys keep reading what I post that is). Reaching this milestone by the end of this year would be absolutely amazing.

Reach 5000 Twitter followers:

Most of my readers come through Twitter, and I'm always looking to grow my audience so reaching this milestone would be great.

Reach 1000 Facebook likes:

I'm still not very good at uploading to my Facebook page on a regular basis, I just kinda forget about it, but still reaching 1000 Facebook likes would be nice.

Reach 10000 Pinterest followers:

I've heard Pinterest is great for blog traffic and it's a platform I'm still learning about, reaching 10000 followers on this would be awesome as it means my blog posts could reach a greater number of people.

Have 5 blog opportunities:

My goal for 2019 was to reach 10 blog opportunities (product reviews etc) but sadly I didn't reach that number, I'm hoping a goal of 5 for this year is reasonable and I hope to surpass it. We'll just have to see how it goes though.

Reach 1500 Instagram Followers:

I get a fair bit of click-through traffic from my Instagram account, so increasing my numbers on here would be great. 

Complete an online Creative Writing course:

I really want to get better at creative writing as I hope to release my work one day, but it's going to take a lot of practice. I'd love to do a creative writing course, I just need to get round to doing it and dedicate the time and energy to it. 

Read 10 books: 

Last year my goal was 5 and I achieved that, I think I read about 8 or 9, so this year I'm going for 10. I love reading and it's something I don't do often enough so I'm really going to make the effort to do so this year.

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  1. These are great goals for the year! I hope you achieve your goals and have a lovely year x

    Ashleigh | https://ashleighwrites.co.uk

  2. Definitely achievable goals I'm sure you'll meet them. Hope you do the online writing course, it sounds great.

    Shelly's Passport

  3. I hope you achieve these goals. I have lower numbers set for myself as I'm still new, but it's great that you've been getting clicks through instagam as most bloggers seem to struggle with it

    Ash | pricklypineapples.ie

  4. These are some great, achievable goals, and I wish you luck with them. I love the sound of an online writing course! I'm hoping to do a baking one this year, and I've set myself a goal to read 12 books this year (one a month).

  5. Great goals! Have you looked into writing courses? Is there one in particular that you're most interested in?

  6. These are great goals to have in terms of blogging and your personal life too - I hope you have a great year and achieve everything you're hoping to! xx
    El // welshwanderer.com

  7. Great goals for the year, I wish you all the luck in the world, especially for your blog goals x

  8. These are amazing! Thanks for sharing. Goals just keep us focused at the end of the day ✨✨



  9. Love all of these goals! It is amazing that you have over 160k views! Kive the different stats you've put out! Sending you lots of positivity to rock your goals!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  10. You've got some great goals and ambitions here - best of luck meeting them in 2020. Your growth sounds amazing so I really hope you achieve it.


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