4 Small Ways To Improve Your Blog


So lately I've been thinking about the different things I can do to improve my blog and I thought it'd be a nice idea to list off these ideas for any of you who are looking to improve your blog.

Change Your Theme:

Sometimes, a new theme is what you need to really freshen up your blog and improve your blog's usability. Starting a new blog definitely made me realise the importance of choosing the right theme to fit your blog. I.e do you want to showcase a lot of photography? Or is your blog very text heavy? The theme you choose should be based on the answer to these questions. If you want to find out where I got my theme from just click on the link in the footer of this page.

Insert Your Social Media onto your sidebar:

One thing I love about my blog, and other people's blogs as well, is that it's like a hub for all of my social media profiles. I've got my Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram on my blog and I find its useful as a reader when I'm reading other people's blogs to see a bit more of the person behind the posts.

Update old posts:

Improving your old posts is a great way to increase your content's life cycle and keep it readable for today's audience. Also, improving broken links is said to help improve your blog's SEO or DA I can't remember which one though.

Categorise your blog posts:

If you look on my sidebar you'll see I've got different categories for my blog posts from lifestyle to beauty to wellbeing to blogging. This improves your blog's usability in that people can easily narrow down posts based on what they feel like reading.

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Thanks for reading! Feel free to leave a link to your blog/youtube etc below and I will have a browse.