Why I've Started A 2nd Blog


Earlier on this evening I went live with my new blog, 'Beth Writes', creating a second blog is something I've been wanting to do for quite a while and something which works well to help split up my content a bit more.

I feel like Quirks and Queries was beginning to get a bit busy with its content as of late and I want to make it clear for myself and for you guys that Quirks and Queries is a lifestyle and beauty blog. It has its restrictions though in that I can't write about all the topics I want to.

Creative Writing is something I'm really passionate about and I wanted to create a separate space online to share some of my work with those of you who are interested in reading it as well as posting what I'm reading, book reviews, writing tips and any thoughts I have related to creative writing topics.

I didn't want to clog up Quirks and Queries with all of this and so 'Beth Writes' seems like the best place for it. 

On this blog you'll find what I'm too nervous to post on here most of the time. I'm hoping the fact it'll have less viewers than Quirks and Queries will encourage me to post my poetry on it a bit more frequently than I have been on here. I'm trying to improve on my confidence when it comes to my poetry and short stories and stuff, as I mentioned in my post about 'overcoming self-consciousness as a writer' and I feel like this is the best way to go about it. We'll just have to see though.

I've got big plans coming for both blogs in the New Year as I'm planning to shake up my content and make it more interesting for you all to read and I'd love it if you could join me on this journey.

You can find the link to my new blog in my sidebar, or if you're on a mobile just scroll down and you'll find it. 

Or if you can't be bothered to do that just click here.

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  1. I'm glad you're finally posting what you want to, I'll go and have a read x

  2. I'm going to check out your new blog right now, it sounds interesting! Cant wait to read more about your interests outside of beauty & lifestyle (:

    Nikki O.

  3. Hey Beth! Good for you for getting yourself out there as a writer. I’m a writer too, and I’m still gettin go used to posting stuff on my blog.
    You got this!
    If you need support from another writer, my blog is called “Scribble & Scrawl”. You can reach out any time if you want to! ��


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