My Favourite High Street Highlighters


Today I thought I'd list off my three favourite high-street highlighters for you guys. I'm a huge fan of highlighters, mostly collecting them though as most days I don't have the confidence to wear it but hey ho. There are three highlighters I have that have stood out to me amongst the rest, and trust me, I have quite the little collection going of various different highlighters.

Revolution Strobe Highlighter Lunar:

I adore the colour of this highlighter, it's flushed with a lilac hue and it sparkles in the light and its just so gorgeous. It's great for adding a bit of colour to my pale face and looks great with my usual pink and purple eyeshadow looks. I bought this from Superdrug but I can't find it on their website, but you can grab this for £1.50 in the sale on Revolution's website.

Elf Baked Highlighter:

This highlighter is more subtle than my other two picks, but I still love it. It's great for incorporating a bit of glittery sparkle into your everyday make-up routine and I'd definitely recommend it for a highlighting beginner as its just so pretty. You can get this for £5 at Boots.

C.Y.O Bounce Beam Multi-Use Illuminating Jelly:

This is a multi-use product, but I love using it as a highlighter. It's slightly more striking than the other two, but deserves a place on my top three because of this. This sort of product is better suited to festivals and more extravagant events than the daily goings on of my life, unless I keep it subtle by putting barely any on, but when I'm looking to add some fun into my make-up routine, I reach for this. You can get this for £2.50 on sale at Boots.

So those are my favourite high-street highlighters, let me know your favourites in the comments below. I'm always looking to add to my collection.

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