Feeling Confident When It Comes To Fashion


Feeling confident when it comes to fashion doesn't come naturally to me. I've always been self-conscious when it comes to the clothes I wear and I frequently let it stop me wearing things I'd actually quite like to wear because I'm just too self-conscious about it.

Usually, I'll stick to just jeans and a nice top because its what I'm comfortable in and it doesn't draw attention to me. But lately, I've been wanting to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. I've got clothes in my wardrobe still with tags on that I like but haven't got round to wearing because I feel anxious about wearing such clothes outside of the house. 

So, how can we feel confident when it comes to fashion? How can we not let our self-consciousness stop us from wearing the clothes we want to wear? 

It's simple really, and it's probably not the advice you want to hear, but you never know if you never try. Fashion should be a form of self-expression and you should never stunt yourself in terms of what you wear to stay in your comfort zone. 

Expand your comfort zone by trying and trying again. Even if the first time you wear a dress for example, you feel anxious and uncomfortable, think about how good that dress looks on you and just go for it. Practise positive self-talk and really make the effort to wear clothes you want to wear regardless of your anxiety and self-consciousness. 

Eventually, and it will take time, you'll begin to feel comfortable wearing these sorts of clothes and you'll never look back. Your world will have expanded and you'll be able to express yourself by dressing yourself however which way you like.
It's difficult, I know. I know how it feels to see all these nice outfits online and in shops and just letting them pass me by because they're not 'jeans and a nice top' but you've got to go for it.

So, next time you're going through your wardrobe and you stumble upon that nice crop top with the tags still on, ask yourself "why haven't I worn this yet?" and answer that question by wearing it.

That's all for today's post,

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  1. I'm not very confident when it comes to fashion, either. I always prefer to go for the safe option!


  2. Lovley post!! I wrote something similar a while back on my experience with body confidence, Id love your thoughts on it!! Xx

  3. Love your courage! I am always encouraging my clients to express themselves through their style. One great way to start is to shop your closet. I wrote a blog about it to help you get started. https://ionimage.nl/shop-your-closet/

  4. I was exactly the same but then I went to uni (years ago now haha) and from somewhere developed confidence. I starting wearing crop tops and not feeling self-conscious! Now I try my best not to worry or care 😊 great post! X

  5. I relate to this so much! I have tons of clothes in my closet with tags because I overthink about how I would look wearing them🥴 but I have to remind myself that I bought the items for a reason so why not wear them? Thanks for the sweet reminder of just going for it and kindly pushing yourself past your limit, it's so healthy💕

    Natonya | https://justnatonya.wordpress.com

  6. Ugh can we all relate! The best pep talk ever girl thank you for writing this ❤️

  7. I always used to struggle with the same. I’d wear very plain clothes because they drew the least attention.

    When I wanted to branch out I had to make myself leave the house in things I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in - I’m glad I did though!

    Em x



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