October Goals


So, it's officially October. My birthday month, yay! In a few days time I'll be 22, another year gone. Anyway, I've set myself a few goals that I'm hoping to meet this month building on last month's September Goals, these include:

It feels so good to be using my own photos on my blog again.
Reach 4000 on Pinterest.
Reach 4200 on Twitter.
Reach 1200 on Instagram.
Reach 820 Facebook likes. (If you could like it that'd really help me out).
Reach 150,000 pageviews.
Finish watching Angel. (Yes I know, it's not really a goal to watch a TV series, but for me it is)
Sew a T-Shirt with a funky pocket detail on it.
Start sharing my writing on social media.
Finish my confidence-building course.

That's all I can think of at the moment, but I think these are a pretty good set of goals to have.

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  1. These are great goals to have for the month ♥ Good luck with all of them - you're going to smash it x

  2. Good luck with your goals! I bet you'll absolutely smash them. I'm rooting for you <3 x

    Soph - https://girlvsworldblog.com

  3. Great goals, good luck with them!

    Louisa | www.fatcatsandgoodbooks.blogspot.com


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