Fighting The Need To Be Perfect


In all honesty, I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I have to have everything perfect and feel I need to be perfect a lot of the time. While this can helpful - i'm always prepared and show great attention to detail, it's also my downfall. 

Wanting to be perfect all the time means there's no room for error in my mind. Its not only being perfect in what I do, but also how I look, well as perfect as I can look anyway. If I find my make-up's not 'right' I beat myself up over it. If I don't finish a task properly, like a blog post, I beat myself up over it. If I'm not taking 'perfect' photos for my blog, again, I beat myself up over it.

Being this way can help me towards my goals in life, but it causes me so much unnecessary stress in trying to strive for perfection while doing so. Do you ever feel this way?

Having this mindset has also contributed to my cycle of depression in the past and I can finally see now that this was contributing towards it as I was constantly holding myself to unreachable standards.

I was thinking today though about this idea of perfect and whether its even possible for things to be so. It feels like I'm spending too much time and effort and ultimately draining myself by trying to reach perfection.

Learning that things don't have to be perfect may take some time, but this change in perspective has really helped me to understand that I don't have to be perfect; I'm okay as I am and things are okay as they are. 

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  1. Ah, I too would love to have everything perfect. Little spots of grease and peeks at dust hidden under bed always serve to infuriate me. Writing and re-writing never brings me to perfect's table and only sucks away the joy from the process.

    I do not quite fight the need to be perfect. I think of it instead as accepting life is messy. And that good!

  2. It is so hard to accept that anything less than perfect is OK, but boy once you realise it, it is so liberating x


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