Obsession Dream With A Vision Palette Review


I'm back with another make-up review, it seems like a lifetime ago since I last reviewed make-up on this blog. Today, I'm reviewing Obsession's Dream With A Vision Palette. I bought this from Boots for £10 about a month or so ago and I've been using it on most days since.
This palette retails at £10 from Boots.

What drew me to this palette was the dreamy range of colours. From pretty pastels to vivid brights; it's got it all. I love playing about with colour when it comes to eye shadow, so this palette is ideal. Mostly I'm drawn to pinks and purples so that's why you can see the pans in some of the colours. (I should've taken a picture of it when it was new, but oh well). There are 9 matte shadows and 7 shimmers in this palette, 16 shades in total and I've found that the shadows blend beautifully and the pigment is great.
I've really enjoyed playing around with the colours in this palette.

My favourite shades in this palette are probably Mystical, Aspiration, Fantasy and Dreamy. 

That's all for this review. 
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  1. Really good point Beth, good to have you back again :)

  2. I can't believe you've hit pan on a couple of shades already after such a short amount of time, must be a great palette! x


  3. What a pretty range of colours x



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