Getting Back Into Photography


So, I finally bought myself a new camera and as the post title implies recently I've been getting back into photography. Taking photographs again is something I'm really enjoying doing and I'm finding it much better having a camera as opposed to just my phone.

I've recently started going back out into nature doing photography and I'm really enjoying it. 
I've missed snapping photos for my blog and just being out in nature and taking photographs of whatever catches my eye. It's a hobby I've missed and I'm just glad to be back doing something I love. 

Alongside writing, photography is one of my favourite hobbies - it's seen me through some rough times and I remember I used to love photography, like back when my Facebook page was called 'Bethany Lauren Photography' and as the name suggests was solely for my photography. It's early days at the moment, but I'm hoping this will help improve on my mental health, as it encourages me to get out more.

I'm also hoping that it will improve my blog in general. Whilst using stock images can be great, you can literally find anything you want on sites like Pexels that accompany blog posts perfectly, I feel as though my blog's been lacking that personal touch as of late and so I'm looking forward to using my own photos on here again. 

The camera I bought is quite good, it's the Canon Eos M100 and it's a great point and shoot style one that's both compact and pretty cool with it's changeable lenses and what not. The only downside is it doesn't have a viewfinder, but I can live with that. Anyway, this isn't a review, I just wanted to tell you guys about it and the fact that I'm getting back into photography.

That's all for the time being,

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