July Goals


So, June was a somewhat successful month. Most of my goals were stat-based and so I've been working hard to meet them. I've been approached by brands this month, yay, which hasn't happened in a long time, so I'm really looking forward to sharing some new things with you guys. In July, I really want to focus on my wellbeing as well as the usual blog stuff, so I'm setting myself small, achievable goals for this month:
In July, as well as my usual blogging goals, I really want to focus more on my wellbeing. 

Reach 2300 Followers on Pinterest:
I'm still yet to receive any click-thru traffic from pinterest, but I'm hoping it'll take off soon.

Reach 4300 Followers on Twitter:
My twitter's kinda stayed stagnant for a little while now, which I don't mind it just means I've got to know you guys a bit better, but I'm always looking to increase my audience-reach and twitter really is the best platform for it.

Reach 1200 on Instagram:
I haven't bothered with Instagram in a long time and it really shows, so I best get to work and post more regularly!

Reach 140,000 page views:
This is not an impossible as I'm just under 130,000 at the moment, but I'd love to get to 140,000 by the end of July. Think its possible? Make sure you're reading all my posts as this will really help me out.

Get enough sleep:
I need to take my own advice as in 11 tips for better sleep, as this is something I've not been putting much effort into (not that you should need to, sleep should be easy!), but I've not been sleeping very well lately and I'm suffering because of it. So, I need to get my sleep back on track.

Have fun:
This is nearly impossible for me to do, I really struggle to let my hair down and just have fun, let alone seek out activities that I actually find enjoyable (other than blogging!) but I really need to just kick back and relax and have fun once in a while, so this will be my ongoing goal from July on wards.

So, that's it for my July goals, what are you hoping to achieve this month?

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  1. I wish you best of luck for all of your goals! Have a lovely day! <3

    Khadija | Creative Town Square

  2. Best of luck for your goals!
    Laura / https://www.laustworld.com

  3. You've got some great goals lined up for the month and I hope you smash them!

    I also need to revive my Instagram this month as I really neglected it in June!

    Hayley | https://www.thriceuponadream.com

  4. sounds like some really great goals gorgeous! i really need to try and get better sleep too! since starting my new job, i have noticed how little sleep i'm getting at the moment! something i definitely need to fix!

    Tabitha ★ http://www.latenightsandlattes.co.uk/

  5. Good luck with your goals for July! I haven't got many myself, but I'm aiming to beat my June monthly pageviews and to generally keep improving on my content. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer


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