Garnier SkinActive Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask Review


This sheet mask retails at just £1.99 from Boots.
I recently tried out the Pure Charcoal Black Tissue Mask by Garnier SkinActive as I'd run out of my Procoal sheet masks and was looking for a cheap alternative.

I'd come to know the Garnier SkinActive range by trying out their 3 in 1 face wash/mask (which is great by the way) so I thought hey ho, let's try one of their sheet masks.

Leaving the face mask on for 15 minutes, I was pleased with how my clean and hydrated my skin felt afterwards. Enriched with Black Tea and Charcoal, both known for their purifying and hydrating properties, the mask is designed for shine prone skin. Personally I have quite combination skin - oily around my nose and dry on the forehead. It still worked great, especially considering I haven't been looking after my skin lately.

Did it work as well as the Procoal mask I tried a few months back? I'd say no as it wasn't as hydrating for the drier parts of my face. Still, it's great for the price and I'll probably be re purchasing it.

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