4 Blogger Hacks Every Blogger Should Know


Blogging can take up so much of our time, and why not? For most of us bloggers its our favourite past time, a way to express ourselves and unleash our creativity, but there are a few ways you can save time when blogging and that's what today's post is all about. Four blogger hacks every blogger should know:

1) Schedule Pins with Tailwind.
For those bloggers who are utilising pinterest, you're going to want to check out tailwind. You can get a month's free trial. With the tool you can schedule pins at varying points throughout the day and see how a pin is doing. Pinterest is simple, the more you pin, the more views you get and the more potential for click-through traffic, so giving tailwind a go is a definite must for those looking to grow their audience.

Buffer is a god-send for me, I can schedule 
Facebook and Instagram posts as well as tweets. With the free plan you get 10 free posts, which normally lasts me 2-3 days just using the twitter option. This frees up so much time as  I can schedule my tweets in one bulk and then not worry about it for a few days.

Canva is perfect or creating blog and pinterest graphics as well as editing photos. Best of all, its free. 

If photography is taking up a lot of your time, or you just can't get the shot you want, then try using Pexels free of charge. There's so many images on this site to use for free for your blog.

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