5 Ways To Ease Anxiety


Anxiety can be awful, it can strip away good times and get in the way of everyday life. Here are my five tips to help alleviate anxiety.

Practice Mindfulness:

Staying mindful in situations where you normally feel anxious is key to calming yourself down. Being aware of your own thoughts, behaviours and actions and why you feel like that can help you approach the situation in a more healthy way.

Grounding Techniques: 

Sometimes when we're anxious our thoughts can drift away from reality. In order to bring yourself back focus on the senses: 5 things you can see, 4 things you can hear, 3 things you can feel, 2 things you can smell & 1 thing you can taste. This helps you focus more on the moment you're in rather than drifting away with irrational thought processes.

Write down your worries:

Writing down you worries can help you get it out of your system as well as helping you to identify between a rational and irrational way of thinking.

Breathing Techniques: 

Focusing on your breathing can really help alleviate any physical effects of anxiety like a racing heartbeat as well as pulling you back into the moment.


Especially good for more generalised anxiety, yoga helps you with your breathing and really helps slow your mind down.

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