21 Facts About Me


I've realised that throughout my five years of blogging, I haven't really introduced myself. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to share 21 facts about myself with you.

I used to love running.
I'm a libra.
My birthstone is an opal.
My favourite colours are silver and pink.
My favourite food is pasta.
I like imagining my life as a music video when I'm listening to music. Anyone else do that?
I love documentaries.
I love dogs, cats and guinea pigs.
I'm obsessed with velvet.
I'm equally as obsessed with sequins.
Writing is my number one passion.
I have social anxiety.
I really want to travel the world.
My favourite chocolate is Galaxy Caramel.
I've always wanted to be an author or a journalist, I guess blogging comes close enough.
Nowadays I want to work in digital marketing.
I love candles and incenses.
I collect care bears.
My dream is to be a freelance writer.
I love sewing and making things.

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