50 Things That Make Me Happy


Last year I remember this kind of post circulating round and I never did one myself. So, I thought, I'd jump on the bandwagon, albeit a bit late, but hey ho. Here's fifty things that make me happy. 
I can assure you blogging is one of them. 
  1. Starbucks' Macchiatos
  2. The way tarmac looks after it's rained and it's all glittery.
  3. The looks of rain under the glow of lampposts. 
  4. Rain in general.
  5. Brightly coloured sunsets.
  6. Waking up early in the morning. 
  7. When there's frost on the ground. 
  8. Full moons. 
  9. Autumn.
  10. Colourful leaves falling off of trees. 
  11. Sweater weather.
  12. Walking my dogs. 
  13. Visiting new places. 
  14. Nature Photography.
  15. Seeing butterflies.
  16. Anything velvet.
  17. Anything corduroy. 
  18. Fluffy things.
  19. Sparkly things.
  20. Glittery things
  21. Storage boxes. 
  22. Shopping for new clothes.
  23. Eyeshadow.
  24. Shopping for make-up.
  25. Doing my make-up first thing in the morning.
  26. The first cigarette of the day.
  27. The first coffee of the day.
  28. Catching up with friends.
  29. Planning for the future.
  30. Caramel Chocolate.
  31. Painting.
  32. Sewing.
  33. Crocheting. 
  34. Blogging.
  35. Talking to people on twitter. 
  36. Jagermeister.
  37. Skyrim.
  38. Playing video games.
  39. Writing poetry. 
  40. Getting into a nice pair of PJs after a long hot shower. 
  41. Train journeys 
  42. Having a coffee and a sandwich on a train. 
  43. Anything rose-gold or copper. 
  44. Dying my hair. 
  45. Being independent. 
  46. Seeing my dogs. 
  47. Memes.
  48. Listening to music.
  49. Writing songs.
  50. Playing the ukulele.

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