5 things learnt in 5 years blogging


It's been a busy five years blogging for me, and after a much needed break in the first half of 2018, I'm back and busier than ever typing away at this blog hoping it'll get somewhere. Well, in these five years I've learnt an awful lot when it comes to blogging. I'm no expert and I've still a lot to learn, but today I thought I'd share five things learnt in five years blogging.
The photographs you choose for your blog posts are so important.


It took me a while but I eventually learnt all about Search Engine Optimisation, Page Authority and Domain Authority. 

Photography is just as important, if not more important, than your writing.

A photograph is the first thing you see of someone's blog post, it really is the pull point to a post, so I've learnt to photograph well over the years and how to pick and choose the right images for my blog.

There's a whole community of bloggers out there to support you.

If it weren't for the amazing community of bloggers on twitter I don't think I'd have carried on blogging for this long.

Be yourself - authenticity helps and readers prefer it.

When I look back on my writing style in my earlier posts, it just doesn't feel like me writing it. Nowadays, I always try and be myself in my writing and I'm finding that its paying off.

The importance of engagement: 

Over these five years blogging, I've learnt the importance of engagement both on social media and on my blog. Brands love to see an engaged audience through comments and interactions on posts so I always try and up my engagement.

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