The Pace Of Life


One persons out doing their shopping, while another still lives with their parents. Ones got children, the other is travelling the world, others have never been abroad before. So, what am I supposed to be doing? Where do I fit into all of this?

Everyone goes at their own pace in life so don't feel disheartened if you're not doing what someone else is doing.

Should I be at uni by now or learning to drive? Should I be doing what their doing? Is what I'm doing good enough? We've all felt a little lost at times and lately I'm feeling like that so I thought I'd write this post as a way to console myself and any of you that may be feeling the same.

Do what you love and the rest won't matter.

If you spend a lot of your time thinking about what other's are doing then you're not going to be enjoying your life. Make sure you focus on things you like to do, and make the time and effort to carry through with them. If you busy working on your own craft you'll find the rest won't matter.

You pave your own path in life, don't expect anyone else to pave it for you.

Our life is the story we choose to tell, so don't expect others to lay the foundations for you. Build your own way in life and you'll find it so much more rewarding.

Everybody's different and that's part of the beauty of life.

So don't expect one person to be doing the same as anybody else, and don't expect that of yourself either. Live your own life, focus on yourself, your own path and your own goals and you'll find the rest will fall into place.

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

Do what you love, as in my first point, and the right people will gravitate towards you and don't be afraid to reach out to those you want to connect with.

Remember, everyone is going at their own pace in life, it's not a race or a competition, like how my favourite quote goes:

"It does not matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop."

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  1. Oh man. I love this post so much. Would you mind if I linked back to it in an upcoming post?

  2. I agree that we should focus on the things that we love, rather than on what other people are doing!

  3. such good advice and support here. Our life shouldn't be compared to others. It's not a race!
    thanks for a lovely post :)


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