Misconceptions About Bloggers


It seems everyone knows what a blogger is, and we all have our pre-conceived ideas of what that includes, but today I just wanted to work through a couple of the misconceptions surrounding blogging - to clear our name a little bit and set the record straight.

Today I'm going to be clearing up a few of the misconceptions surrounding bloggers.

All we do is talk about make-up.

Okay, for starters the beauty niche is one of the biggest niche's out there for blogging and there are so many different niche's out there such as lifestyle, travel, food etc so no, we don't just talk about make-up, that's not the be all and end all of blogging.

We're all vain and conceited.

We're also not vain or conceited for talking about make-up and beauty products, that's just what some of us love to do and for some it pays well and even if it may appear that way sometimes, it's really not the case. Besides, even if we were vein, who cares?!

We're all just social media addicts.

Also, not true. Whilst a lot of our time is spent doing social media marketing (or promoting ourselves or our blog's on social media), we also have lives outside of blogging.

We all need to get 'real' jobs.

A lot of bloggers do this purely for the love of it, it's just a hobby, but for those who work hard enough it can be a full-time or part-time income for them. What is a 'real' job anyway? If it's not just a way of bringing money in.

We're only in it for the freebies.

Ok, so in all honesty I began my blog as a way to talk to you guys about freebies and coupons, I was part of the money-saving niche. That's how quirks and queries originally began, in time I discovered beauty blogging and since then that's been a huge passion of mine. but people don't just blog for free products, they blog because they love it. To say we only blog for free products is ridiculous given all the hard work that goes into blogging.

Those are just a few of the misconceptions surrounding bloggers, are there any that you can think of? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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