W7 Dusk Til Dawn Palette


So, today I'm reviewing an absolutely bargain from B&M at £4.99, or for £9.95 from the w7 website. Yes, I know, make-up from B&M isn't very beauty guruish, but I don't claim to be a beauty guru so we're fine.

The W7 Dusk til dawn palette comes with 14 neutral shades.

Anyway, onto the review, the palette comes with twelve shades both matte and shimmer with the pigment being good for the price. Not the best, but nevertheless the shades carry good pigmentation throughout.
My favourite are ayahuasca, wilderness and daybreak. I also lost the make-up brush it came with. 

The names of the shades are just adorable with names like llama, ayahuasca, mirage and mojave.

The brush the palette comes with is sufficient enough but again, not the best. Overall I'd rate this palette as a good bargain buy, however it doesn't quite match up to the likes of the Soph X Revolution Extra Spice palette which retails at the same price. If it weren't for finding the W7 palette at such a decent price I wouldn't of bought it, but saying that there are a few shades in this palette I haven't found elsewhere and they provide a brilliant finish for what they are.

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