I heart Revolution One True Love Palette Review


So I'm back with another revolution review, for those of you who're reading for the first time you should know I am a huge fan of revolution/i heart revolution products, I've reviewed the unicorn highlighter, the soph x revolution extra spice palette and more throughout the years. I absolutely adore their products so when I saw this palette and it's adorable packaging I just had to buy it.

I fell in love with the packaging you can shake it and the little stars move around and its just so cute.

The palette comes with 9 generous shades including this gorgeous magenta colour which is what stood out to me when I was deciding which palette out of the three to purchase. Alongside One True love is a blue version, called Starry Eyed and a purple one called Fortune Seeker.

The palette retails at £10, which is standard for I heart revolution products, but was it worth the price? The pigment on these shades are absolutely stunning, they are so shimmery and the finish is near perfect so I would say £10 is a fair price.

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