Eylure Enchanted Divine Crime False Lashes Review


I'm new to the world of false lashes, but these are definitely worth the buy.
Ok, so a recent addition to my make-up collection are false lashes. I'm quite new to the world of false lashes, so I'm no expert. Having failed miserably at them in the past though, I wanted to buy a cheap reusable pair to practice with. Low and behold the Eylure Enchanted lashes costing a mighty £1.99 from good old Home Bargains.

What drew me to these lashes was their natural look, I didn't want a lash that was obviously false, I wasn't in the mood for a dramatic pair so I opted for the Divine Crime by Eylure and I'm quite happy with my purchase. The lashes went on really easy, the glue is of good quality, in comparison to Primark's.

The final look was very natural with enough pizzazz to really accentuate the eye area, which is what I wanted considering I'm a huge eyeshadow lover as well so I wanted the focus to really be on my eyes.

I don't normally upload selfies to my blog but I just had to show you these.
The staying power of these lashes were very good, I'm currently still wearing them and they've been on for at least six hours, so I'm impressed. I'll definitely be repurchasing these lashes, which you can also buy from feelunique.

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  1. They really do look quite natural! Will check this brand out. Thanks for sharing :)
    xo Ros | Zenhealth

  2. I love Eyelure lashes! These look great x

  3. Oh wow they are such stunning lashes, I love Eylure lashes xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️


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