Profusion Mixed Metals Palette


The palette can be found in the 3 for 2 gifts section and is £8 from Boots.
 I recently purchased the Profusion Mixed Metals Palette on a wim from Boots and I have to say I am thrilled with it. The palette comes with 9 shades, a mix of matte and shimmer, each individually named.

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and the 'metals' part is mirrored as well and it's all sparkly and it's just beautiful.

My favourite shades are unicorn, ella and bewitched. 
I wanted to opt for a smaller palette with colours that would last a while; both in terms of wear and the amount of product within the palette. 

The palette is rich in pigment and comes with three matte shades and six shimmers. I do have to use this palette in conjunction with other palettes but its worth it for such lovely shimmers. I still can't get over the unicorn and ella shades.

I would recommend this palette in the run up to Christmas as a gift or if you're like me and you just like treating yourself for no reason then I'd recommend it for you.

That's all,

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