5 Ways To Get Into The Festive Spirit


I always love the lead up to Christmas, more so than the actual day itself. The colourful Christmas lights that line the streets, the colder, shorter days. I don't tend to think of Christmas as a day, I prefer the time period in general. Today, I'm listing of 5 ways you can get yourself into the festive spirit and make the most of December.

yellow glittery bauble on christmas tree
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Go to a Christmas Market:

There's no better way to feel festive than to visit a Christmas market. Whether you opt for a small Christmas fair or one of the many street markets that various UK towns and cities have on offer at this time of year. Get some mulled wine, treat yourself to a crepe and soak in the ambience. If you've got the money, make an occasion of it: book a hotel, stay the night, eat lots of food and be merry.

Add some festive touches to your room:

You don't have to go all out with tinsel, trees and baubles and what have you (though if that's your thing, go for it!) you can still feel Christmassy with some subtle touches like a winter throw on your bed or a scented candle/ reed diffuser to add those festive touches and while you're at it, why not put some fairy lights up?

Wear a Christmas jumper:

A simple idea, yes, but an effective one. Nothing says "I'm excited for Christmas' like a festive print pullover. 

Bake something festive:

It could be anything - gingerbread biscuits, mince pies, yule logs. It doesn't matter if you're not much of a cook, just throw in some festive smelling spices and you're sorted. The smell of Christmas will soon fill up your kitchen.

Eat Festive Foods:
If baking isn't your thing, buy yourself some festive foods to get yourself in the spirit of the season. Whether that's a tub of chocolates to eat in the evening or festive-themed sandwiches from shops and cafes whilst on-the-go.

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Happy Blogmas!

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