I heart Revolution Unicorn Highlighter Review


If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know I really like Make Up Revolution’s products, particularly their eyeshadow palettes, so when I was browsing in Superdrug the other day and came across their neighbouring company's Unicorn Highlighter I just had to buy it.
I heart Revolution Unicorn Rainbow Highlighter retails for £4.99 at Superdrug
I’ve never owned a highlighter before, and before I watched a couple of youtube videos I had no idea what you even used it for. I just saw the word ‘Unicorn’ and the little rainbow coloured heart and was sold.
The highlighter comes in a little cardboard box, I was expecting the product to be in more of a plastic case to keep moisture and bacteria out a little better, but you know what? The writing on the front of the box is holographic so secure casing isn’t all that important.

 The highlighter has a very vivid finish, with an icy silver-blue being the dominant colour. I was kind of hoping for a rainbow effect, but iridescent is cool too. I found some of the colours to have virtually no pigment, and others like the purple and the blue to be really strongly pigmented. What I like about the highlighter though is how sparkly it is, I do love sparkly things.

I’ll have to be careful with how I apply it, as if I apply too much or slightly in the wrong place it might look a little bruisey.

Individual Swatches - I guess if you were very precise you could have a rainbow effect highlight.

Blended Swatch - It looks more silver than blue here, but there is a strong blue undertone.

This wouldn’t be an everyday highlighter for me, unless I was feeling particularly extravagant, however it’d look great alongside some festival glitter for nights away, concerts and festivals. It is however, a very pretty piece of make-up and it’ll look gorgeous on my make-up shelf until a use for it comes along.

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  1. This highlighter looks sick! I adore anything unicorn themed and shiny šŸ˜˜

  2. I keep eyeing this up every time I go to Superdrug. I guess if worst comes to worst and I don't like it I can always use it as a blogging prop right? Xx

    Jay | jayxoblogs.com

  3. This looks so nice! I'm gonna have to try it.
    Panda x | thealienb4by.wordpress.com

  4. I've seen so many mixed reviews about this product - it looks so pretty in the packaging but I've read so many reviews that said the pigmentation and colour was a let down. Great review though!

    Amy, x

  5. This highlighter is stunning, I've seen it before in store and almost purchased it but like you said it's not really an everyday product no matter how beautiful it is x

    Kayleigh Zara šŸŒæwww.kayleighzaraa.com

  6. What a beautiful looking highlighter! Great, honest review.

  7. Wow I love how pigmented it looks! Great review!

  8. They look so lovely in the careful separate swatches, butbsorry to hear the full blended thing wasn't to your liking!

    Alice | Dainty Alice

  9. Ahhhhh I saw this on my good friend's IG and fell in love instantly, but hadn't seen it in action, and it's so pretty! I especially love the rainbow application, even though I could never manage to replicate that in a million years. This is almost too pretty to use -- I'd probably stare at its lovely rainbow heart gloriousness all day long! If only we had Superdrug in the US!



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