10 Small Ways To Live More Sustainably


Humans, in general, are quite volatile in nature, we do so much damage and there's so much hurt in the world that sometimes, it takes changing your lifestyle to feel a little bit better about it. From animals on the brink of extinction to people living in poverty, it's upsetting that life just can't be one big harmonious event, but I like to think its all a test for something better. In the mean time, here's a couple of small ways you can live a little more sustainably and ethically. 

Don't throw away old clothes.

It can seem like the easy answer to just throw them in the bin once you're done, but chances are, there's a better use for that item of clothing than the landfill. If its still in relatively good condition, why not donate it to a charity shop? One man's trash is another man's treasure, and you'll be helping out a good cause whilst you're at it. Alternatively, sell them on sites like Depop or Ebay for a bit of extra cash.

Source your food locally.

By that, I don't necessarily mean go to a farm shop, although bonus points if you can, but purchasing items that are grown and packaged in the UK, where possible, will reduce your food miles and help the environment out.

Reduce how much meat you eat

As a society, we don't really need as much meat as we often consume. We've got things easy now, we don't have to hunt or anything like that, we can rest on our laurel's and let the farmers do the work, but in turn this has created a belief that we fundamentally need meat in our diets, when all the protein we need is there in plant-based form. The effect the meat industry is having on the environment as a whole is pretty mind-blowing as well. If you're not ready to make the switch, just eat less meat.

Switch out one of your usual make-up or skincare brands to cruelty-free.

Animal testing is something I've become much more conscious of in the past year or so. I always thought beagle farms and testing on monkeys etc. was a thing of the past, but it's not and that makes me feel really unsettled. With skincare, I've definitely made the switch to cruelty-free brands, but make-up proves more challenging. You walk into Boots and they have such great 3 for 2 offers and it gets me every time. By starting off by switching one brand to cruelty-free, you're helping the world move forward one step at a time by not giving such companies your money.

Reduce or Cut out Fast Food in your diet

Fast food is the finest example of the negative impact the meat industry is having on our planet, but it's also genetically modified and laden in MSG, which makes you crave more of it. It's great because it's cheap and you don't have long waiting times like you do in restaurants, but for food to be that cheap, it comes at a cost to the rainforests & to animal welfare.

Switch from Cow's Milk

Again, cow's are victims of mass-farming techniques. Either, source your milk locally and give the milk-man a job again, or switch to another alternative like Soy, Hemp or Almond. We're fortunate in the UK to have laws and restrictions in place prohibiting the act of injecting cows with hormones to make them produce more milk, but that doesn't mean other techniques to get around this restriction aren't taking place. By switching to an alternative, you're going to be helping your hormone levels stay balanced whilst not supporting an industry plagued with corruption.

Remember to recycle

I don't need to go into how wasteful we are as a society, and the effect it's having on the earth, we all know that. What I do need to do though, is remember to recycle wherever possible as it's something that slips my mind often.

Ethical Clothing

There's so many new Ethical clothing brands popping up, and it's something that's caught my eye lately. Where do the clothes we wear come from? There's been documentary after documentary about the working conditions of those who make the clothing for big high-street brands, and there's actually more chemicals and carcinogens used in the process of making the clothes we wear on a daily basis, meaning not only is it borderline exploitive for the workers, it's also harming the environment. By purchasing Fairtrade clothing, you're ensuring that the time spent making the garment you're wearing is well-paid for. It's something I'm very aware of, yet, the price and choice of clothing in big high-street shops just pulls me in every time, just like those Boot's offers.

Ethical Tea Partnership

If you're like me and you love a cuppa, try opting for brands that have the certification of the ethical tea partnership. The scheme, which ensures working conditions and minimum wages are kept fair for the workers and farmers, gives you peace of mind that people aren't being exploited. Big brands like Typhoo, Taylors of Harrogate, Tesco, Starbucks & Teapigs are all certified by the scheme, but not all brands are.

Buy fish with the MSC logo

I know fish can be quite pricey at times, so it's tempting to buy the cheapest option no matter how it's been caught, but if we start running out of fish then the price of it is going to increase even more until - Poof - no more fishcakes. I'd recommend buying fish products that have been certified with The MSC logo to ensure that the fish you're eating has been sourced in a sustainable way.

These are just some ideas I have about ways you can go about leading a more sustainable life, why not start by choosing just one of these to start doing?

Oh, Oh, Oh, before you go I just wanted to say, after last year's petition to end the sale of micro-beaded products in the UK, the government are actually taking action and are ending the sale of such products by the end of this year.

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