Top Five Festival Essentials


If you're heading to a festival this summer, there are a couple of fundamental items you're going to need to take. No, I don't mean a tent & sleeping bag, if I did a round up of best tents I'd be here forever talking crap about hydrostatic heads and flysheets and compartments (I love a good compartmentalised tent). Anyway, below are a couple of items that could prove useful on your ventures.

1) Compact Camping Stove

Depending on what festival you're going to, the policies on what type of stove you can bring will vary. Many will allow you take Hexi or Triangia stoves, which take up much less room in your baggage than disposable BBQs will. I purchased a simple Hexi stove & at £8 for the stove itself and additional solid fuel tablets, it works out at much better value than disposable BBQs and their hefty weight and size - I'll be able to make as many cuppa teas as I want.

The stove I'm taking with me: Strider Solid Fuel Stove

2) Warm layers for during the night

The fact festivals are held during the summer months can prove deceptive as to how cold it can actually be in the tent come nightfall. I've often struggled to fall asleep because of how cold I've been, so to avoid feeling homesick for my cosy warm bed, I'm taking a pair of Heatholders thermal socks and a pair of microfleece bottoms. I'll update you on how they fair when put to the test, but the TOG rating reassures me that they'll do the job just fine.
Thermal Leggings

3) Portable Phone Charger

There might be the option to purchase a phone-charger, with daily uses, whilst you're at the festival site. But, it can save some pennies and some time queueing by just bringing your own. You can opt for a larger power bank, with enough juice for around 4-7 smartphone charges, or go for a solar-powered phone charger and make use of the sun. Or, if you can go without for a few days, consider it a social media detox.
(sufficient for 2-5 charges depending on your phone)

4) Camping Light

Unless you want to wear down your phone's battery by using the torch feature, it's a good idea to take a camping light with you. You can hang it in your tent during late-nighters or use it to manoeuvre through the hundreds of guy ropes in the dead of night & find your way to the toilet.
Mountain Warehouse Wind-Up Lantern

5) A Bum Bag

If you trust yourself to keep hold your handbag whilst bouncing about in the crowd, then maybe you don't need one, but if you're like me and you tend to be forgetful when you're having fun, it's a good idea to keep all your essentials - money, phone, train tickets - close to you at all times to avoid any mishaps. It's also a good way of preventing anything getting pickpocketed, which as much as everyone's there to have fun, there are the select few who make it their mission to take as much as they can. The great thing about bum bags though is the market for them in the past few years has gone through the roof, so there's loads of different designs available online and in the high street - some are even compartmentalised.
Tribal Print Bum Bag from Amazon
Skinnydip Holo Cat Bumbag from Topshop

Faux Leather Bumbag from Claire's

So, no matter what field you're headed to this year, make sure you're prepared and ready to have a good time. Oh, I also forgot to mention things like waterproof ponchos and wellies and sun cream and what not  - they're always a good idea.

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