Festival Face & Hair Glitter Review


One of the perks of festivals is the feeling of complete freedom with how you make-up your face, style your hair and the clothes you wear. For a weekend, it feels like you can be as daring as you want with it, try something new and test the waters amongst of crowd of people who'll, if you get it disastrously wrong, won't remember you. This is all just my opinion, be as daring as you want and as free as you want with fashion everyday, I'm just quite a reserved person, so I'll take festivals as the perfect opportunity to jazz things up a bit, saying that, the last festival I went to I spent the entire time in my boyfriend's onesie rocking a classic scrape back. *Sighs*. It was comfy though.

Anyway, I've been eyeing up the whole festival glitter trend for a couple of months, browsing on pinterest for different looks, scrolling through hashtags on Instagram...and I finally decided to push the boat out and buy some glitter.

So, here's my review of New Look's Hair and Face glitter sets.

The Face Glitter:

The Festival Sparkle Glitter Kit from New Look will set you back £5.99

The face glitter is a set of three - a fine silver glitter, a chunky blue glitter and a chunky purple glitter. It comes with glitter glue, safe for your face of course, and it's super easy to apply. You do need a lot of it to be able to create a definite mark, so if you're like me and you want to practice a bit first, you may be in need of two sets. That's the only downside to it really. I did a lightening bolt on the side of my cheek, just under my eye using a cotton swab and the finish was really vibrant and sparkly. This glitter was so easy to wash off, it kind of peeled off with the glue.

The Hair Glitter:

The Pink Unicorn Dust Hair Glitter from New Look costs £3.99

The hair glitter set came as a pack of two - one 'pink', one gold. Pre-mixed with glue, you could easily apply it onto your parting. My problem was that the product is supposedly Pink glitter - I'm very much certain it's purple. Like the face glitter, you needed to use a lot of it. I think I would've needed the entire tube to have a noticeable look. Instead, I used some of the face glitter and sprinkled it on top. I will however, still need to use more next time. The glitter is so difficult to wash out,  after washing twice, it was still scattered about in my hair, but I guess that's glitter for you.

*I would've done put some photographs here for aesthetic and what not, but I forgot too and I don't want to use anymore glitter until I go to le festival*


I really like the face glitter set from New Look, the colours are lovely and the usability of the product is great - I'm not so keen on the hair glitter. It's good, and I'll use it, but there's not a whole lot of colour to it, and I'm disappointed that the pink turned out to be more purple.

Also, if you're on pinterest and you like the whole glitter trend, check out my Festival Hair & Beauty board. I'll be pinning a lot onto there this festival season, and it'll be great for inspo.

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  1. Loved this post! I didn't even know new look did glitter but I'm going to have to check it out

  2. Ooh yes I love festival makeup! I wish it was normal to wear glitter everyday... I used to wear so much glitter in my eyeshadow it went everywhere. Luckily I was only young so it didn't really matter tehe! Can't wait to see what it looks like on, and of the festival!

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

  3. Ooo yay, I go to Creamfields this year so this post is so helpful! I'll definitely be trying out some glitter :) I didn't even know hair glitter was a thing 😱 Amazing! xx


    1. Hope you have a great time! Go glitter crazy ;D

  4. Oooh loved this post! I went to Reading festival last year and glitter was defo a staple item! Wish I was going to festivals this year so I could try out some of these, hair glitter looks like so much fun! Xx

    Ashia • liveforluxe.blogspot.com

  5. I never even knew new look did glitter!! Loved this xx www.jadesplacesite.wordpress.com

  6. I'm going to Leeds this year and I'm already planning my outfit/makeup/hair, I'm so excited! I didn't even know New Look did glitter, I usually head to Amazon or Etsy for that type of thing, but this is a lot more accessible! Lovely post chick!
    Juliet | notcapulet.co.uk

    1. Have a great time, I'm so jealous! The pretty reckless & Eminem are there. aaaaah. I went for New Look's glitter because it's on the high street and there's no waiting around for delivery

  7. I really want to try out some glitters so I will definitely be looking for these. X

  8. I am digging the whole glitter comeback we're experiencing...takes me back to being 10-13 again haha! I love glitter and while I won't be making it to a festival this year (sad), I sneak a little into my makeup for work. Of course it's subtle, but I still love it. Would have loved to see pics :)

  9. I so want to use these for everyday use! Reckon I can get away with hair glitter at work? Probably. Thanks for this post though, I didn't know New Look sold these things, I'm going to make an investment I think. I have no festivals lined up unfortunately, so it'll be sparkles for summer evenings down the pub instead!


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