10 Things to love about Spring


The abundance of flowers is possibly my favourite thing about Spring

1) The days are that optimum length.
I find daylight ends at just the right time during Spring, you're not restlessly waiting for the sun to go down like in Summer, and you're not walking home in the dark at 4pm like in winter. Mornings are much better, with the sun rising at just the right time.

2) The rain
What I love about Spring is that the rain gets warmer. Rather than braving harsh winds and the rain making you cold, it just adds to the atmosphere.

3) Sunshine
You begin to feel the sunlight on your back as you're walking, everything's just a bit brighter.

4) Flowers
From the blossom, to the tulips and daffodils, the landscape is just painted with colour in a way that our lifeless winters can't match up to.

5) Butterflies
Of course, with the flowers, comes butterflies. They're so pretty!

6) Better Photography Lighting
Hopefully we can say goodbye to overcast days of grey and welcome some decent lighting. It makes it so much easier to photograph things.

7) Excitement for Summer
I usually have way more planned in Spring & Summer than any other season, and the excitement for long summer days and relaxing and fun and what not makes me so happy and everything feel so much more worthwhile.

8) Everything feels so much more alive.
Cafes, Beer Gardens and Open spaces are filled with people soaking up the sun. (Literally as soon as the temperature goes into double digits) It's so nice to see more life to the town, as everyone's enjoying their day a little bit more.

9) Vibrant Greens of the Trees' Leaves
From lifeless brown branches to the vivid greens of the leaves making their return.

10) The air smells better
You can smell the aroma of grass growing, flowers blooming...it's beautiful.

Those were my 10 things to love about Spring, ignoring the fact that the wasps are back...with their obnoxious buzzing and ready to sting attitude, I can't stand them, especially when I see one killing a bee. But anyway, what are you looking forward to this Spring?

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  1. Lovely post! Totally agree with the warm rain and the smell of the air, it's so beautiful! I just love the general vibe of spring, everything just seems cheerier!xx


    1. Same, it's like everything comes back to life again!

  2. I'm the same with sunshine and flowers, I'm a lil bit obsessed with tulips at the moment! Xx

    Kirsty | The Monday Project | themondayproject.co.uk

    1. I love tulips too, haven't had a chance to photograph any yet though!x

  3. I love spring and am so with you on all of these points, especially having better lighting for photos! Abi | RamblingsofaBlonde

  4. Oh how I will miss the better lighting for photography! We're heading into winter in Melbourne and the days are getting so dark SO early, it's going to be tough to take blog photos for a while...

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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