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Today I'm going to be reviewing a new addition to my morning routine; the Radiant Eye Cooling stick by the popular French brand Embryolisse.

For a little while now, my sleep pattern hasn't been the best. I've become accustomed to staying up until the early morning rounds of TV Show Charmed start showing on E4 at 5am, (and if it's a good episode, I'll definitely stay up to watch it) causing me to sleep in until way past noon. A new technique I've been trying to switch back from this nocturnal state is to force myself out of bed by 9:30am and in effect, I'll go to sleep by about 9:30-11pm that night. The pocket-sized Cooling Stick has come in so useful whilst I've been doing this, the aloe infused   and it definitely helps me feel more awake, and I'm almost certain I look less tired than I would've done, with my eyes appearing brighter and more alert.

In addition to applying it when I wake up, I also apply it again before I put my make up on, finding that it ensures my eyelids are prepped and primed ready for the onslaught of shadows & kohl liners: it's a great base before the shadows, and really helps with how smoothly the eyeliner goes on as well.

If you're a no fuss person like me and you like to keep it simple and use as few products on your face as possible, I'd certainly recommend it. Or, if your motto is the more the merrier, it'd work great in conjunction with an eye cream.

Side note: I recently learnt that the opening pot icon on the side/back of skincare/cosmetic products, with the number & letter 'm' in it refers to how long the product is good for once the packaging has been opened as opposed to a measurement of quantity as I'd presumed for years.

The cooling stick is good for six months after opening, and priced at £20.50 from Embryolisse's own website & retailers such as Boots, it's at least double what I'd normally spend on a product of this kind, but I haven't used one that's as light on the skin as this is, with other brands causing my skin to actually feel dryer over time (I have quite sensitive skin). In summary, I'd recommend this for someone wanting to use a more specific product as part of their skincare routine and for those looking to freshen and hydrate tired eyes.

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