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Transformulas is a growing beauty brand with the tagline 'Beauty Without Surgery'. Promoting moisture absorption in the lips with the promise of fuller looking lips, I've been testing out the lip balm over the past month, checking to see if it offers what it says it does.

Lipsticks used to be my downfall, causing my mouth to get dry and cracked after a few applications, but with this I just put it on as a base and then any lip product applied goes on smoothly. Immediately after use, I can notice that my lips are more plump, but let's see what happens after a few weeks...

In all honesty, I wasn't expecting  as muc
h of the benefits that were promised to actually be true. I tried it with the expectation it was just Vaseline with a lip gloss wand applicator. A fur coat and no knickers kind of product, but, to my surprise, with a noticeably plumper and more defined top lip, my lips feel softer than I ever remember them being after just shy of a month's use. After two to three weeks of using the product, I also started noticing that on days where I forget to apply it, my lips still looked healthy and felt soft and overall its doing me quite well.

Now for my price scepticism, is it worth it?

Whether I personally would pay £30 out of pocket for it is a completely different story, but I know a lot of people love making make up investments and its one I'd recommend if you've got a spare £30 to your name and you're not as stingy with money as I am.
Trying out this product though has definitely made me question whether the existence of lip fillers is really necessary when products like this can bring out potential that was already there.


The only problem with the product is that the smell is quite strong; it's not unpleasant at all but is a bit like having vapour rub wafting under your nose. So, I personally just use it in the evening, mostly because I was kid that was too scared to have a Soother or a Tunes in lesson as the smell would draw undue attention. The instructions do say apply two-three times daily, and I'd love to know if I'd get even better results from applying it more, but I'm quite liking the results so far from just the once a day application.

So, whilst the packaging and the box weren't quite as pretty and shelf-worthy as I was hoping, the straight-forward, minimal approach seems to tie in with the simple to-the-point nature of the balm and its definitely something I'm going to continue to use.

For Frugalness: If you're planning to buy in future
If you've got a Boots Advantage Card, I'd recommend purchasing from there as you'd get over a quids worth of points and that means you can get a free flapjack from their snack's section. ;)

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